Saturday, November 9, 2013

Beckett Ann... She's 2!!

Meet 2 Year Old BECKETT...

If you have not met this little girl in person you are MISSING out! She puts the SPUNK in SPUNKy. No really. She is cracking me up on a daily basis. People ask me all the time if we'll have more kids... All I can say is, "Have you met Beckett?" She's got so much personality that I can barely keep up with her!
And smaaaarrrrtttt! Goodness... I think she can read. I feel bad because she speaks about as well as Boston did when he turned 3. Which means I forget that she's still just a babe! And also means that every once in awhile I catch myself expecting wayyy more out of her than what a 2 year old can do.
I'm having a really hard time with this whole, my kids are growing up, thing... The fact that this time 2 years ago, I was laying in bed just dreaming about the next morning! I knew she was finally going to be here! Labor went so fast and the recovery so easy, that I think I've just been in shock that she is here!
I love our time that is spent together. She is definitely loud, crazy, girlie, spunky, and pretty darn juicy, but she is also the sweetest most loving little girl you'll ever meet... She'll melt your grumpy mood with just. one. look.


Heather said...

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